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Caragana Corner Construction

Built to last a lifetime

How They're Made

Here in building design you get to see how our buildings are made from the ground up. From the lay out of the base and the floor to the blocking and studding in the walls, you will see why our buildings are a step above the rest.

It all starts at the floor

We Start all our buildings the same, tapering the ends of the skids, pre drilling the holes and getting it laid out and square.

Skids are placed evenly apart from each other.
( spacing differs depending on each buildings width )
Any building over 12' wide has the skids placed every 2 feet.

We make sure all our floors are square to within 1/16th of an inch. if the floors aren't square the rest of the building wont be square either which makes sheeting and putting the roof on difficult.
Floors are 2x10 spruce laid on the flat and butted tight together down the length of the building.

These boards are placed half an inch in on each of the exterior skids. this makes it so when we set our walls on top of the floor the sheeting runs right past the floor and sits flat on the skid.
The floor is then sheeted with 7/16 OSB. All edges are routered off to make sure everything is smooth and flush.

Then Come the Walls

All walls are built separately and laid out in place ready to be lifted onto the floor and secured into place. walls are secured with 3" screws to start with and then nailed down after all the walls are stood in place.

Sealant is put down on the bottom plates of the walls to make the building as insect proof as possible.
All walls are double top plated and headers above doors and windows are made out of either 2x6 or 2x8. 2x4's are put in the corners so the inside of the buildings are ready to be sheeted at a later date if you chose to do that yourself. corners are also pre drilled for electrical wiring.
Rafters on 12' wide building are 2x6 open rafters. 10' and 8' buildings are 2x4 rafters. Anything bigger than 12' are truss rafters.

Rafters are secured to our building with hurricane hangars, nailed with flat head nails into the top plates of the walls. this lets us put the sheeting right overtop of the hurricane hangar to ensure that it never comes off.

Next is sheeting

We sheet our buildings in 7/16 OSB. secured with 2 3/8" nails. All the OSB sheeting is staggered to make the walls extra sturdy and there is no gaps in our sheeting. doors and windows are routered out to make edges as smooth and as tight as possible.
The fascia boards on 12' wide buildings are 2x8 because of the 2x6 rafters. 10' and 8' buildings are built with 2x6 fascia boards.

windows and doors are installed and trim boards are put on. Nail holes and adjoining cuts are sealed with silicone and then painted.
All sheds have blocking placed at 4' up to straighten the studs and give the OSB something to nail to in-between the studs. Our walls are a standard 8' tall. one walls that are 10' tall and higher blocking will be placed every 4 feet to the top. 

Interior finishing and complete product

Vapor boxes are placed over all the electrical boxes for lights and plugs. Vapor barrier is run down the walls and on the ceiling to seal the insulation. All vapor barrier seams and joins are sealed with tuck tape.
All seams inside the building are sealed with silicone, doors and windows are finished with as OSB trim on the interior to match the walls and the ceiling. ( OSB is our standard sheeting but we can do whatever you desire)
And there you have it. Siding, soffit and fascia is installed on the exterior and your building is complete. Solid, sturdy and build so you never need to buy another one.