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Thats right people, we do renovations to! Here you can view our most recent pictures of some of the renovations we have completed. 

Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Kitchens, Full Basements, Decks, Windows, Doors, Siding. The only thing we don't do is concrete work!

New Basement Renovation

New house basement built in 2015. These pictures are what the basement looked like when we got there.

New house basement built in 2015. These pictures are what the basement looked like when we got there.

Stairs leading down to the basement just bare and unfinished. 

First thing that we did is hang all the doors and finish the windows. doors are hung up off the floor so when the flooring is installed in can be cut to fit tight underneath the door frame and no ugly edges are going to be seen ever.

New house basement built in 2015. These pictures are what the basement looked like when we got there.

After the doors were hung and the windows were finished we started to put the track up for the T-bar ceiling. Rooms are measured and drawn out on grid paper to make sure the ceiling tile spacing is as even as possible throughout the room.

After the T-bar track was up and the tiles were in we started on the flooring. Vinyl plank tiles were used in this basement. We do the flooring after the ceiling and everything else is finished so we dont end up dropping anything on it and damaging it. 

Stairs and landing leading down to the basement are finished with the same vinyl plank flooring that the up stairs is finished with. Silver kicker plates we installed on the nosing of each step. 

View of the stairs leading up from the basement. kicker plates and the distinct patters in the flooring can be really well seen in this picture. 

all inside corners are coped to fit. this ensures a tight fit in any corner regardless if it is square or not. 

T-bar ceiling fully installed and lights hung flush and centred in the tiles. 

Bottom step is finished with the flooring cut out to fit the profile of the steps.

Outside corners are cut to fit tight and all corers are caulked after to ensure a seamless and tight seal that will last. 

Vinyl tile flooring completely installed 

Vanity is levelled in and secured to the wall with screws. Counter top is siliconed to the vanity so it will never move.  

Bathroom Renovation

Old bathroom in an old house that desperately needed some modernising. Customer was also complaing that there was always a musty and gross odour comming from the bathroom

Well... that would be what the horrible smell was. Upon ripping the bathroom apart we discovered an unsettling amount of mold behind the plastic tiles and under the floor and inside the walls. fully precautions were taken at this point. The area was sealed off with plastic and taped, air vents were sealed off, full plastic body suits came out and respirators were worn to dispose of all the mold. Everything was double bagged before being taken out of the room. After all the debris was cleared out the entire room was scraped down and bleached 2 times to kill any of the remaining bacteria and mold before proceding with the restoration 

The entire floor was ripped out to expose the plumbing. All the plumbing was replaced as well because all the old pipes were rotten and leaking. no wonder there was mold in the bathroom.

New 3/4" treated plywood was installed on the floor.

Fire proof and sound proof insulation were installed in the bathroom as to cut down on the noise from their new jet tub. all joins in the vapour barrier were sealed with tuck tape. Walls were then sheeted with blue, fireproof and mold resistant drywall. 

New light fixtures were installed along with a brand new vanity, sink, toilet and the jet tub.

New vinyl plank flooring was put on the floor and glued down everywhere for an added layer of protection against any water that might get on the floor. New moulding and a fresh coat of paint were the finishing touches  to end this bathroom renovation